Save the date for PARK, a data visualization event, on August 15th!


PARK by Landon Brown with 96 Acres is a large-scale data visualization, public art, and radio broadcast event that will occupy 1/2 mile of public street parking adjacent to Chicago’s Cook County Jail, the largest county jail in the U.S. Evoking the political history of self-organized prisoner rights movements and the complex relationship between culture, community, and spectacle, PARK is a participatory challenge to the politics of representation at a time when incarceration plays an increasingly disproportionate role in the lives of specific communities in Chicago and the nation.

Save the date: Saturday, August 15th from 1pm-3pm.




 (Image courtesy: Landon Brown)

PARK is a Participatory Art Project

On August 15th, S. Sacramento Avenue will be transformed into a large-scale data visualization and public art event entitled PARK. All public street parking will be temporarily occupied by over 100 color-coded automobiles in groups of black, brown, and white that will extend from W. 26th Street and south along La Villita Park. Collectively they will symbolize the currently detained racial communities held within the adjacent Cook County Jail. For one brief moment the multiple blocks of parked cars will be joined in unison to “perform” a recording of the historic 1970 B.B. King performance Live in County Jail through their FM stereos. The recording will be broadcast on-site by Vocalo (90.7 FM), a Chicago Public Media service.

The live radio broadcast will also invite visitors and participants to contribute personal memories and stories related to the history of the Cook County Jail in relation to Little Village and Chicago’s West side communities. Visitors may also take advantage of a series additional recording stations located along S. Sacramento Ave. These recordings will become part of an ongoing archive by the arts project and PARK collaborator 96 Acres. The stations will also function as places to socialize, pick-up a bottle of water, or dialogue around issues related to incarceration and its social and political impact.


Here’s How You Can Help

PARK is seeking additional participants from the local West Side and surrounding communities, and other interested individuals county-wide.


  • Participants can park their black, brown, or white car along S. Sacramento Ave on Saturday, August 15th. Participants will be asked to arrive between 11:00 am and 12:30pm. Site assistants will be on hand to direct drivers.
  • Cars are required to have a working AM/FM radio with speakers. Car owners will be asked to turn on their car radios and roll down their windows to tune into a live Vocalo broadcast at a specified time.
  • Volunteer to help the project team by being a site assistant.
  • Show up! Come out to S. Sacramento Ave. on August 15th to participate in the event as a visitor.
  • Spread the word on social media and in your community (see links and hash tags below).


To reserve a parking spot for your black, white, or brown car, please sign-up at: or contact


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Director, 96 Acres: Maria Gaspar @


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Community Development Director, Enlace Chicago: Simone Alexander (773) 823-1062 or


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