“Prisoners: Rights and Wrongs” by South Side Projections + 96 Acres

Join 96 Acres and South Side Projections as we collaborate to present an evening of films and discussion around mass incarceration. Following the screening, 96 Acres will talk about current and upcoming projects.

When: Wednesday, June 17 at 6pm
Where: Toman Library, 2708 S. Pulaski Rd.
How much: Free

South Side Projections will be featuring two films: Prisoners: Rights and Wrongs (1991, 58 min., video projection) is an episode of the Emmy-winning public TV program The 90s, which showcased the work of independent video makers from around the country in themed episodes. This episode addresses mass incarceration in the United States through segments devoted to racism in the criminal justice system, gangs, increasingly rare educational and rehabilitation programs in prisons, incarcerated women, Mumia Abu Jamal, and supermax facilities, among others. Several segments address Illinois jails and prisons, including Cook County Jail, Lake County Jail, and Marion Federal Prison, which at the time was a supermax. Also screening is Blues in the Big House (1993, 5 min., video projection), about an R&B group consisting of inmates and guards at Cook County Jail. Both videos are courtesy of Media Burn Independent Video Archive.

For more information: http://southsideprojections.org/prisoners-rights-and-wrongs-96-acres-project-june-17/

Special thanks to Michael W. Phillips Jr. for organizing this event!